Monday, July 26, 2010

Southern Rata.
The Otira valley was ablaze with scarlet for several months last summer, one of the best flowerings for several years.
The step valley sides in a blanket of red is a truly unforgettable sight, one of the few remaining examples of the NZ bush of yesteryear.


  1. Yesteryear eh!
    I had to zoom in to see the red, being colour-blind 'n all. There's a very nice hebe in there as well, flowering purple or pink or white :-)
    Was there bird call?
    The nasty chuckle of Voracious West Coast Miner for example?

  2. The Miner in question does not frequent these parts, not enough breeding habitat - lack of minerals and flat alluvial ground for their destructive "nesting" habits ;).
    The Otira valley is a gem thanks to some early pioneers of conservation. It is one of the most pest controlled valleys in NZ, and the locally destructive pest Ratafirewood-us gatherus is reluctant to climb the hills to to fell it's prey!

  3. There's an especially hot place in Hell reserved for those who burn rata on Earth :-)

  4. What do you think keeps heaven warm! :)