Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Religious storm

There is a storm brewing in the United states of America.
Many Christians are gripped by a fear of the loss of their nations ideals, some think there are those that are seeking to deliberately and maliciously destroy their country.
From an outside perspective it looks very, very, different; while there are events occurring that are in a sense "un American" it is far too easy to just blame the liberals.
There are reasons why this has happened, and why it was allowed to happen.
When the United States primary Christian export to this part of the world was "the prosperity doctrine" at a time when rampant greed and borrowing was peaking back home, you have to wonder how God may see the whole deal.
If Obama is indeed a "Marxist" as many claim, perhaps that is simply a correction of the rampant greed and excess of the past 2 decades, Is God happy with capitalist greed? if not how would he respond?
The response of American Christians to these issues, and their need for honesty and humility is more critical than ever before in their nations history.