Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pike River and the blame shifters

An appalling attitude is beginning to circulate already regarding "blame" for the Pike River incident.
There are attempts to some how level responsibility at "the greenies" for this event occurring, due to the supposed unreasonable environmental restrictions placed on the mine.

This is an appallingly lazy and ignorant opinion to hold, and completely disrespectful of the dead and grieving.
When the international mining industry is asking questions of how in the hell an explosion of this magnitude is even possible in a modern, brand new mine, you would think the first finger to be pointed would be at the company and safety procedure.

But no, the finger is being pointed at 'greenies', they say, you see, that the mine should have been open cast, should have been an American style "mountain top removal" mine, to avoid the Methane.

But is this even possible? lets see what Pike River management said:

"But it would be physically and economically unviable, even if we could do it"

Will that stop the nonsense?